• Academic year
  • The school year begins in June ends in March.

  • Admission
  • 1. Admission is restricted by certain regulations and by condition of age, mental attitude,ability and conduct of the candidate. Applicants for admission will be interviewed,tested and admitted to the standard they are found fit, according to the vacancies available.

    2. Admission classes are made by the school authorities,depending upon their norms of selection of children and the availability of seats.

    3. Every candidate for admission must be introduced by the parent/guardian who will be responsible for his/her conduct, progress in studies, discipline and payment of fees.

    4. The principal reserves the right of refusing admission to a student without ascribing any reason for it. He also reserves the right of refusing continued studies of any pupil whose conduct or academic progress is found not satisfactory or who is not benefiting from his/her stay and study in this school.

  • Withdrawal
  • 1. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for in writing by the parent or guardian one month in advance.

    2. If the Head of the Institution finds any student’s performance unsatisfactory and orders withdrawal of such student, it is obligatory on the part of the parent or guardian to withdraw the student.

  • Attendance
  • 1. No student should absent himself/herself from class without sufficient reason and prior permission.

    2. Half day leave will no be granted to students. Once they come to the school, they have to attend the whole day , unless requested by parents in case of an emergency.

    3. Regular attendance is insisted upon. A student who is absent from class will not be admitted unless a leave note is produced from the parent stating the reason for absence.

    4. In case of serious illness that requires absence for more than five days, the principal must be informed in writing the doctor’s certificate must be presented to him by the parent. The principal can grant only 15 days leave and another 15 days can had through production of a medical certificate. Absence of more than 30 days in an academic year will make the student ineligible for promotion.

    5. Reason for the absence must be clearly stated in the “Leave Record” of the hand book.

    6. Students who do not get 80% attendance for the year are liable to be detained or be advised to leave the school.

  • Discipline
  • 1. Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress and punctuality at all time.

    2. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. As a precautionary measure, it is suggested that they have their names inscribed on articles like tiffin carriers, umbrellas, school bag, shoes, pencil box and pencils.

    3. It is not advisable for students to wear gold ornaments or to bring other valuable articles to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of such articles of students.

  • Conveyance
  • 1. At the bus stop children must get into the bus in an orderly manner. As a safety measure they should not put their hands or head out even to greet anyone.

    2. After getting off the bus, Children should wait at the bus stop till the bus moves again. They should be very cautious and see that they cross the road only after the bus has left the stop to ensure safety.

  • Parental Co-operations
  • 1. Parents and Guardians are expected to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline in helping their children or wards to prepare their lessons and taking interest in the activities of the school.

    2. Daily reports and messages if any, from the school are conveyed through the handbook. All communications from the school should be acknowledged by the parents.

    3. Parents are strongly advised not to miss the Parent-Teacher meeting arranged during the course of the academic year for enquiry about the progress of their children in studies and other aspects of the school life. They are requested to come personally and collect the performance sheet at the OPEN HOUSE.

    4. Critical remarks about a teacher should carefully be avoided in the presence of the children, as this will cause loss of respect to the teacher. Parents should discuss such matters to the principal.

    5. Parents are not allowed to see the students and meet their teachers during their class hours. The parents can meet to the teachers during recess time between 9 and 9.15 AM &3.30 PM-4.00PM for which an appointment should be arranged beforehand.

    6. Phone calls to the teacher cannot be made during class hours. You can leave your message at the office for the reply between 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm.

    7. Parents should notify the school office in writing of any change in their address, or telephone number immediately.

    8. Parents are expected to supervise their child’s home-study.

    9. For any queries regarding bus fees, school fees etc.., kindly contact only the office.

    10. An extra change of clothes and handkerchief should be sent daily.

    11.The school gate will be closed at 9.15 am. If any child late he/she will not be permitted to enter the school.

    12. While the management will endeavor to ensure the safety and welfare of your child, it cannot be held responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur to the student in the school premises, or while your child is being transported to and from the school. You may be rest assured that we have qualified nurse on the premises to extend promote FIRST AID to your child in the event of injury.

    13. Children should not be allowed to scribble in the class work.

    14. For project work if any pictures, objects like vegetables,fruits,flowers are asked-parents should oblige.

    15. Lunch box and snack box should be packed separately wrapped with a napkin neatly.

    16. Birthday children can wear colored dress on their birthday. As a remembrance of their birthday you may kindly present a book to the school library writing the child’s name, class and year.

    17. Please do not hard bind books. Do not send any extra books since it adds to the weight in the bag.

    18. You are adviced not to send fancy pencils, rubbers, pencil boxes to school. The school is not responsible for the loss of such articles